Bagaar and Verhaert join forces to become leader in digital innovation

Verhaert Masters In Innovation, a fast-growing innovation service provider, and the AXE group (Ahlers – Xylos – AXE Investments), which stands for Access to Xcellent Expertise, are pleased to announce that the digital product agency Bagaar is joining Verhaert’s new umbrella brand Verhaert Digital. This extends the capabilities of Verhaert Digital for digital end-to-end solutions further, making it a leading B2B digital product development company. This brand will give customers access to an even more complete set of services, focusing on user-centered, business-driven, technology-enabled solutions, to boost their capacity to innovate.

Growth strategy for digital end-to-end solutions

Both Bagaar and Verhaert have a similar DNA, combining user-centricity with a strategic business focus and strong technological expertise. This ensures an easy integration and collaboration between the teams in the future under the new umbrella brand within the group, Verhaert Digital.

This brand will cover all digital competences from the teams of Bagaar, Verhaert, Load and Pegus Digital, and offer an even more complete and profound set of services. The multi-disciplinary team ensures a seamless execution of the ideation, validation and implementation. With a hands-on approach, Verhaert Digital delivers high-quality digital solutions ranging from backend, frontend and mobile applications, to hardware, electronics and infrastructure.

“With this deal the AXE group, including Ahlers and Xylos, enter into a strategic partnership with Verhaert to cooperate on key innovation projects. Our employees and customers are excited to join Verhaert Digital, allowing us to continue innovating strategically”, says Christian Leysen, Chairman AXE Group.

Perfect match for extended digital product development

Bagaar strongly believes that sustainable business revolves around people and that technology is a tool to change the way to do business. This vision, in combination with their start-up DNA, encourages and fits perfectly with Verhaert’s RICE strategy, which values open and innovative thinking, inverted learning and a ‘can do’ fail cheap, learn fast approach.

Located in the center of Antwerp, Bagaar’s vibrant offices will help to further attract new ambitious talent to support and extend our portfolio. The current customer portfolios of Bagaar and Verhaert are already highly complementary and cover multinationals and start-ups throughout Europe in the smart home, mobility, logistics, FMCG, health and space industry.

“Together, we connect the digital and physical innovation world and enable our customers to optimize their processes and create new opportunities more successfully. By building end-to-end solutions and developing more successful digital products and applications, customers will boost their capacity to innovate”, continues Koen Verhaert, CEO Verhaert Masters in Innovation.

About Verhaert Masters in Innovation

Since 1969 Verhaert Masters in Innovation has been a pioneer in the field of product innovation. As a leading innovation group in integrated product development, Verhaert helps companies and entrepreneurs to develop and execute successful innovation projects. The group now has more than 200 employees with offices in Kruibeke, Gentbrugge, Kortrijk, Nivelles, Noordwijk, Utrecht and Aveiro. 

About Bagaar

For over 13 years the Antwerp-based company Bagaar has been helping companies meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. In 2017, the AXE Group became majority stakeholder. From strategic business thinking, the agency develops digital products that make companies grow and gear them up for the future. With a multi-disciplinary team of about 30 people, they combine the best of software and hardware to create the ideal solution for their clients.


Nicky Sterck
Communications at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
+32 491 24 98 64

Jannes Van de maele
Co-founder and Technology Manager at Bagaar
+32 485 98 54 83

Lieven Claeys
Manager Innovation Acceleration Services
Digital Innovation at Verhaert Masters in Innovation
+32 3 780 70 18

Jo Van Dierdonck
AXE Group
+32 475 95 15 66


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