Connected fire extinguisher

Concept 12: Connected fire extinguisher


What is it about?

Adding sensors to a fire extinguisher can change your business model completely. From realising cost savings during maintenance to creating added-value services for your customers. Customer benefits? Improving fire safety by ensuring the extinguishers can be used properly in case of an actual emergency.

A few of the possibilities:

  • Easily retrieve fire extinguishers in an office or industrial environment, by means of indoor tracking
  • Ensure the fire extinguisher is at its designated location
  • Get live information when it is being used
  • Check if it has been dropped or stored in the wrong position
  • Create automatic maintenance logs
  • Remotely monitor gas pressure
  • Activate light or buzzer in case of fire or smoke detection
  • Multi-monitoring options

Use cases

Companies that manufacture and provide maintenance of fire extinguishers


  • Create usage alerts
  • Autodetect theft or wrong usage
  • Additional fire signalisation
  • Automatic maintenance logs
  • Possibility of environmental monitoring

Return on investment

  • Reduce maintenance intervention times
  • Loss and theft prevention
  • Optimal maintenance planning
  • Inventory management
  • Regain or maintain competitive edge
  • Basis of additional services and upselling through innovation


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