Identify and prevent the spread of disease

Concept 11: Fixed body sensor


What is it about?

The concept consists of a fixed body sensor that transmits live data, continuously visualized on an active badge. It identifies fever and reduces infection of colleagues and patients. Therefore, the situation is monitored in real-time and the appropriate measures can be taken immediately.

Also, proximity identification to other patients can give valuable information about infection spreading.

The body sensor and the badge are both connected to a personal app, completing the solution. The app monitors health parameters and uses voice detection to detect changes in voice.

Use cases

  • Medical staff in hospitals
  • Permanent health monitoring of patients
  • Nursing homes’ staff and patients
  • Finding patient zero


  • Temperature sensor on skin
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Badge with identification picture
  • Fever indication on badge
  • Application with personal health monitoring and warnings
  • Ultra low power devices

Return on investment

  • Avoid infection of colleagues by early detection
  • Reduce spread of disease
  • Gain insight into infection
  • Indoor tracking of staff and patients
  • Public health


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