Interview with our co-founder on Digital Transformation part II

Our co-founder on digital transformation

Jannes Van de maele co-founded Bagaar 13 years ago, when digital transformation was still in an embryonic phase. Throughout the following years, he has guided many clients towards a digital transformation, big multinationals such as Wienerberger but also small innovative start-ups like Cowboy and June. Time for an interview. We already published the first part of our interview, here’s the second part.

Is digital transformation going to bring in more money?

Good question, sometimes it’s very easy to measure. If you automate certain processes or if you lower the amount of errors, you can measure it. In other cases, you might first have to make an upfront investment and you need to look at the long term. It might be 3 to 5 to 10 years before you the return becomes clear. Then it’s harder to measure. The most important thing is, you stay relevant.

What does a successful digital transformation look like?

For every company that’s different. The most important thing is, it’s a never-ending story. It’s a process, a change in mindset. You start a process and it never ends. We all know the example of Netflix that cannibalised its own DVD mailing service by launching a streaming service. There weren’t that many customers in the beginning so it was a big upfront investment, but we all know what happened. They became the number one streaming service. Then they got competition from Amazon, Apple. So they had to reinvent themselves again. They started creating their own content. Today, they are the number one Oscar winners. It’s very interesting to see what their next move will be.

So how the hell do you get started?

By calling us of course! No, rule number one, don’t panic. Panic is always a wrong reaction. It’s never too late to start reinventing yourself. We are very positive people. Start with low hanging fruits, focus on your customer, create the right atmosphere and get people on board.


How do I get the others on board?

It’s very important to get everybody involved. It’s not a top-down or bottom-up thing. It’s a change in mindset. You need a long-term vision that is supported by your management and involve every department of your company. Get obsessed with your user experience. No matter what your position is in the company. Whether you pick up the phone or build a product in the factory, get obsessed with making a better product. And it’s not about technology, it’s about your customer and the way you do business.


Do you want to get your digital transformation on the road?

Reach out.



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