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Improve what you’re making. And improve the way you’re making it.

Take the next step with Industrial IoT.

Industrial IoT

Why start with Industrial IoT? And why do it now?

Because the way customers consume products is changing. It is time to get smart and benefit from the gains of IIoT!

  • Create real value from the data your factory produces.
  • Identify production problems faster and react proactively.
  • Develop applications that your people understand.
  • Stay ahead of the market and adapt faster to changes.

We have a solution for every challenge in manufacturing and equipment building!

How to get started? Want to know how we work?

Discover our approach, methodology, process, and deliverables. Read about our strategic partnerships with Xylos, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a strong ecosystem of specialized start-ups.

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What are the benefits? IIoT can help your organization with:

Improve Production Quality
Improve Production Quality

Make your production process smarter. Add intelligence and avoid production loss.

Improve Production Quality
Increase Operational Uptime

AI & Machine Learning help to identify bottlenecks in your production process and improve Overall Equipment Efficiency.

Improve Production Quality
Respond Faster

Make your factory a Digital Factory and adapt your production process to what your customers demand.

Improve Production Quality
Reduce Energy Consumption

Get insights in how your factory consumes energy. Reduce your energy footprint and become CO² -neutral.

So how can we help? Industrial IoT means taking a giant leap forward with:

Human Centered Production

Human Centered Production

It takes people to build your digital factory! Easy to use, mobile and intuitive applications are a core enabler to make it happen.

  • Easy to use factory floor apps.
  • HMI and Mobile.
  • Train operators faster.
  • Leverage self steering teams by effective communication tools.
Networked Factory


Connect your factory and take back control of your plant network. Enforce policies and security. Enable collaboration with subsidiaries.

  • All your plant, machines and equipment connected.
  • Security by design.
  • Collaborate with suppliers, subsidiary plants and customers.
Digital Factory


Data from your factory helps you to take better decisions faster, based on facts. Learn from your data and anticipate changes and failure.

  • Easy access to all production data.
  • Benchmark, learn and improve from observed data.
  • Report, Analyze and React faster to changes.

Want to explore the possibilities in industry & manufacturing?

Meet a Bagarian

We talk the talk and walk the walk. This is some of what we've built:

Reynaers - Human Centered Production

Human Centered Production.

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IBA - redictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance.

Coming soon
Aquadraat - Cloud-based Drain Management

Cloud-based Drain Management.

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June - Data-based Energy Management

Data-based Energy Management.

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Do you want to meet Bagaar?

We’re not afraid to kick a few ideas around, and we like a good challenge. If you’re thinking about IoT, or if you want to improve your products or manufacturing process: sign up for an inspiration session. We can help you ensure continuity, drive efficiency, improve quality, gain more insight or reduce waste.

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