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The importance of an end-to-end view in IoT projects

A lot of companies are looking for end-to-end IoT solutions that fit seamlessly with their business. But what does ‘end-to-end’ in IoT mean?

IoT is maturing and business executives are catching up. According to a recent study, a staggering 96% of business leaders claimed their companies would be using some form of IoT within the next three years. A lot of companies are looking for end-to-end IoT solutions that fit seamlessly with their business. But what does ‘end-to-end’ in IoT actually mean?


Off-the-shelf or out of reach?

There are two types of IoT solutions in this world. Firstly, a lot of IoT companies produce off-the-shelf IoT systems designed for easy implementation. Although these solutions are affordable and easy to install, they usually don’t meet the specific requirements most companies have. As every company is different, they face different challenges in their day-to-day operations and long-term plans. And a cookie-cutter solution just isn’t ‘cutting’ it (pun intended).

Unsatisfied with the outcome of standardized IoT packages, many business executives turn to tailored IoT solutions designed to tackle their specific problems. These custom-made IoT projects are effective and valuable, but they’re also expensive and hard to install. To be successful, IoT solutions need to be seamlessly integrated in your products, processes and services. This integration, however, requires a lot of time, effort and know-how a lot of companies would rather invest in their core business.

Many moving parts, one seamless experience

So how do you combine the efficiency of tailored IoT solutions with the installation ease of off-the-shelf packages? The key is to develop an end-to-end view. An IoT system is never a stand-alone solution and launching a new IoT project requires a lot of expertise in different fields. From the different physical and virtual layers of your IoT solution to UX/UI, integration, security and support, a successful IoT project includes many moving parts in one seamless experience.


From ideation to integration

At Bagaar, we understand that the key to IoT success is teamwork. IoT solutions consist of many different layers and it’s important to develop a network of expertise to tackle the various challenges involved.

Bagaar is a young, digital agency with a strong focus on design and development. Through strong partnerships with IT-integrators like Xylos a, we make sure your IoT project is embedded in your organization and your way of working. From ideation to integration, we’ve got you covered.

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