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Fourth industrial revolution

Merging legacy equipment with the Industrial IoT: a perfect fit

How do you efficiently connect pre-existing data environments with new sensor data?

We’re on the verge of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Smart, connected technologies are changing the way we work and live; reshaping markets and industries as digitalisation accelerates. Still, a considerable number of manufacturers struggle to successfully integrate legacy industrial equipment with new, digital technologies. How do you efficiently connect pre-existing data environments with new sensor data?

Show me the money

Industry 4.0 efficiently combines advanced operations and production techniques with digital technologies to create intelligent manufacturing of the future. Implementing 4IR techniques immediately boosts operational efficiency. By preventing mistakes and increasing operational uptime, smart manufacturing companies experience a massive growth in productivity. According to the consulting firm Accenture, first wave adoption of the IIoT could help increase productivity by up to percent.

If 4IR is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?

One word, six letters: legacy. According to recent studies an estimated 60% of industrial equipment is not connected yet. Legacy environments are too expensive to replace and often, downtime is required for implementing digital technologies. Some companies also stick to their legacy equipment because human readings work fine, or limited data sampling is needed. Still, manufacturers realise that they will have to invest in 4IR techniques to future-proof their business. So how do you get past this hurdle?



Legacy connected

As an IoT-focused company, Bagaar went looking for a way to integrate new sensor data in pre-existing data environments. How do you affordably connect various types of legacy industrial machinery with minimal downtime? And how do you efficiently collect and analyse the sensor data you obtain?

With our Hopper solution, legacy industrial equipment and digital factories are no longer enemies. No need to re-engineer your equipment or invest in an expensive tailored IoT solution. Hopper is easy, efficient and cost-effective.

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