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We recently hosted an innovation session at Bagaar HQ. You can call us foolish or bold, but we took up the challenge to try and say something useful about creativity.

We recently hosted an innovation session at Bagaar HQ. You can call us foolish or bold, but we took up the challenge to try and say something useful about creativity. The topic has been debated by numerous thought leaders, researched inside out and upside down, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant for a session about innovation, does it now? No, still relevant. I’m going to touch upon a few subtopics and share some tips to ignite creativity, that we gathered, tested and approved ourselves.


Creative? Moi?

In an interview, Josh Waitzkin, former chess prodigy and tai chi world champion, explains how he taps into his creative honeywell and rewrites his source code to be more imaginative. And you know what, it’s hard work people !

He has a very specific morning routine that helps him reach breakthroughs, how so ? Well, unlike (80% between 18-44 years old) most of us, he doesn’t check his smartphone first thing in the morning. He tries to stay in his ‘flow’ and goes to a quiet place after waking up, to meditate, write down thoughts and to grasp this early morning focus. So instead of focussing on input first (like notifications or news or mails or …), his focus lies on output. His own output. That is how he reaches those much sought after world/life-changing ideas.

Why am I telling you this ? Because this could be you. Creativity isn’t gratuit, you have to give it room to grow and harness it. But apparently, the work pays off.

There is no I in TEAM.


So yes you can be creative, but no you are not alone on the job, there’s a whole team working with/for you, now how does that work ? When you have a team made up of creative and passionate people, you automatically invite Mr. Conflict to the table.

But that isn’t a bad thing. People who are in a creative flow are often really invested in their job, they really give a damn and thus, are willing to fight for it. Creativity, conflict, passion, they fit together like musketeers, so don’t fear it. If your a team leader, your job is to channel the conflict and try not to restrain the differences but resolve the conflict. Make sure the team isn’t too comfortable, fight apathy and by all means avoid unanimity.

What about the children?


Does education have a role to play in the position creativity has in society ? Can it help children tap into their creative-selves ?

Intuitively we all agree that Creativity, teamwork, innovation, … should be integrated in education and even more so since we entered the Digital Age. With new disruptive technologies flying our way non-stop, our surroundings and future have become highly unpredictable and uncertain. To avoid this leading to paralysis or fear we have to give young people (They’re the future!) a skill-set that gives them a fair chance to survive in an opaque future. But even if we let out the tech-part, there is a broadening conviction that education how we know it is outdated. Education should feed and nourish instead of limit the creativity and imagination of the young ones, even leaving the world of work aside.

I would be glad to hear your thoughts on these sub-topics ! It’s a complex but super vibrant subject to think and write about and increasingly relevant in our changing surroundings. The next post will be an outline of the methodology of Professor Bau. He wrote about the balance between Design and Strategy and how these disciplines can cross pollinate instead of exclude each other in order to come up with the most innovative solutions.


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