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IoT from edge to cloud

Creating order to the chaos

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is maturing. This new phase brings along challenges, but opportunities as well. Some key takeaways for the future...

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is maturing. This new phase brings along challenges, but opportunities as well. More people are expending their IoT knowledge, big vendors support IoT like never before and more than a billion devices are connected today. Some key takeaways for the future:

IoT is maturing

IoT items crossed the top of the curve, which means that our time to play is almost over. Companies who invest in the Internet of Things will need to evolve quickly. But no worries, some big opportunities are crossing your way.

- Tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon support IoT services like never before and accelerate the growth of our IoT ecosystem. Amazon’s IoT investments for example really made a difference in the development of off-the-shelf consumer facing products.

- Hardware has become cheap, so devices are becoming cheaper, smaller, more efficient and are now deployed in bigger numbers.

- More and more IoT projects succeed: The IoT has a big effect on different businesses. From government departments, who invest in smart cities, to the healthcare industry, which uses cloud services to gather data and to diagnose patients.

- Edge solutions become safer: edge computing secures networks and improves overall data privacy because the data is decentralized.


Pick your battles

As we explained in our previous blog, IoT experts are sparse. When it comes to hardware, software, gateways, mobile applications, cloud and enterprise architecture, the world urgently needs more IoT specialists. So that’s exactly what you need to be, a specialist. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just focus on the things you’re good at and outsource the rest. Start partnering with trusted companies to capitalize on their strenghts and to address specific parts of your IoT cycle.

Find the right team to support your IoT project

There’s no single all-purpose technology. Every project has its own requirements and each customer has their own needs. That’s why it’s important to find a team with varied experience and expertise to guide you through your IoT project; they’ll help you make the right choices. An IoT project requires hardware engineers and people who select the right connectivity, set up cloud architecture, take care of your project’s UX/UI and build an interface. These skills are vastly different, so the help of a trusted partner is crucial if you want to succeed.

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