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At today’s IoT Convention in Mechelen, Internet of Things agency Bagaar and Option announced that they will be joining forces.

At today’s IoT Convention in Mechelen, Internet of Things agency Bagaar and Option announced that they will be joining forces. Bagaar will use Option’s communication technology to connect corporate technical installations to the industrial Internet. This helps industrial companies to intelligently automate analogue and digital industrial machines - in other words, to implement Industry 4.0.

Usually, the biggest challenge when making factories and industrial businesses ‘smart’ is the size of such digitisation projects, but through their new partnership, Bagaar and Option aim to tackle these together. “We’ll work with Option to develop our own communication module further and to use our combined, modular technology for new IoT projects.”, says Ludo Wijckmans, CEO at Bagaar. 

"Option and Bagaar aim to offer an affordable way to connect every analogue or digital industrial device with the Internet, which enables companies to implement new processes such as predictive maintenance. Teaming up with Option will allow us to reach this goal quicker.”

IoT agency Bagaar develops prototypes for smart devices like smart bikes, energy meters and sensors. One of Bagaar’s sensor designs lets water companies measure the pressure in underground water pipes to detect leaks faster. Bagaar also provides technical services to connect companies to the Internet of Things. They develop the IoT plan and install the necessary sensors and communication modules.

Scale-up Bagaar enriched with decades of experience

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Option has over 30 years of experience developing connectivity technologies. Their CloudGate IoT Gateway is a modular communication module for the Internet of Things which communicates through cellular networks, like 3G and 4G, and through low-power networks (LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE CaTm en BLE).

“Bagaar has the business and technical expertise to support industrial automation projects”, says Alain Van den Broeck, CEO at Option.  “They can perform large-scale installations of our communication modules and successfully complete complex IoT projects."

"Together with Bagaar’s parent company Xylos, we’ll take care of our customers’ IoT and Industry 4.0 projects from A to Z.”

End-to-end service

Xylos will process data from connected devices in Microsoft Azure IoT, Microsoft’s Internet of Things cloud. Based on this analysis in Azure, businesses can optimise their production processes through automated bottleneck detection, avoid unnecessary costs through predictive maintenance, and much more.

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