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Identify and prevent the spread of disease

Recombinant concept 5

What if there’s a IoT device that allows you to spot whether you or your colleague has a fever (and should go home to rest)?

Concept 5: Identify and prevent the spread of disease


What is it about?

This concept consists of a fixed body sensor that transmits live data, visualized on an active badge. It identifies fever and can reduce infection of colleagues.  

The concept reduces the mental pressure of going to work when you are feeling unwell. When ill, take a sick day or work from home. That is the message it wants to send. By preventing people from going to work with a fever, the risk of spreading the flu or other infectious diseases is also reduced significantly. Also, proximity identification to other patients can give valuable information about the spread of an infection 

Last and certainly not least, the concept allows companies to reassure customers that they take health risks seriously.  

Use cases

Office workers  Workers in public areas 
Workers in production areas  



    • Temperature sensor on skin 
    • Heart rate sensor
    • Badge with identification picture 
    • Fever indication on badge 
    • App with personal health monitoring and warnings 
    • Ultra low power devices 
    • Advanced security

Return on investment

    • Avoid infection of colleagues by early detection
    • Reduce spread of disease
    • Gain insight into infection
    • Indoor tracking of staff and patients 
    • Public health
    • Access system enabler
    • Customer loyalty 


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