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Recombinant - Our DNA restructured during COVID19 - Concept 3

Concept 3: Fill level open container

The Corona virus rewired the world. That's why bagaarantwerp created the #recombinant #series. 13 Concepts that will create a better world. 

Concept 3: Fill level open container


What is it about?

Half open containers are often used as garbage collectors. It is very difficult to measure fill levels.

A simple picture, once a day, or on demand, can clear up any doubts about whether it needs to be picked up or not.

This picture can be analyzed by the dispatcher in seconds or we could add image analytics to automate the process.  

Use cases

Garbage Collection Logistical efficiency

Half Open Containter recombinant Series 3


    • Robust Camera
    • Battery fed Device

Return on investment

    • Reduce trips, increased efficiency. 
    • Better customer service.

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