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Revolutionize your
healthcare with IoT.

The smart solution to your medical challenges.

Medical IoT

It starts with why. Medical IoT in a nutshell

Picture the most complex challenge you and your colleagues deal with on a daily basis. Whether you’re thinking about improving the outcome of surgical procedures or preventing medical equipment downtime: complex questions require unexpected answers.

Bagaar’s tech savvy experts are experienced in finding smart solutions by connecting things & people. That’s medical IoT in a nutshell.

Connect your staff, patients & assets.

Networked Factory

Remote patient monitoring and diagnostics

Keep track of your patients outside the traditional hospital setting with connected devices & apps.

  • Your patients, machines and equipment connected.
  • User friendly asset tracking & monitoring apps.
Meet Gabi, the baby monitor that never sleeps
Networked Factory

Connected medical equipment

Function is form. With carefully designed medical equipment, we improve healthcare outcomes.

  • Connect your medical devices or equipment.
  • Gain insight and optimise the outcome of procedures.
How connected hair transplant devices save scalps
Networked Factory

Predictive maintenance for medical equipment

Downtime of medical machines impacts patients’ lives. Predictive maintenance offers the solution.

  • Stay secure by design.
  • Collaborate with suppliers, hospitals and users.
Making machines that never fail: IBA’s proton therapy systems

How we get it done

Discover our approach, methodology, process, and deliverables. Read about our strategic partnerships with Xylos, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a strong ecosystem of specialized start-ups.

Download the IoT Guide

We talk the talk and walk the walk. This is some of what we've built:

IBA - Predictive maintenance

IoT in the medical industry.

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Devroye - Connected hair transplantation devices

Connected hair transplantation devices.

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Barco Synergi - Managing meetings through good UX
Barco Synergi

Managing meetings through good UX.

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Ontex - Connected diapers

Smart diapers for the elderly.

coming soon

Losing things is a thing of the past

Misplaced assets are so last century. In these hyperconnected times, losing equipment doesn’t make sense anymore. That’s where medical asset tracking comes in. Using a Meridian-powered mobile app, your staff can quickly locate business critical devices, saving you valuable time and money.

How we go about it? Through strong partnerships with Xylos and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we’ve got what it takes to design a tracking solution from start to finish. No loose ends, we promise.

Have an idea? Challenge us.

At Bagaar, we love puzzling. With high tech engineering at our core and user experience on our minds, we create connected IoT solutions that fit your needs. Want to see how we make the impossible possible? Sign up for an inspiration session with a Bagarian.

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