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Shayp: Mastering your water consumption

Belgian startup Shayp markets a solution with which you no longer need to worry about surprises in your water consumption bills.

The client

Belgian startup Shayp markets a solution with which you no longer need to worry about surprises in your water consumption bills. Shayp predicts the water consumption bills and alerts you in case of any leaks.  It sets economic goals and assists in case of problems. The solution consists of a sensor installed on the water meter at the client’s home. This sensor transmits consumption data in real-time to a central platform where the user can access his consumption and/or detected anomalies.

The match

Even though Shayp’s team possesses technical competences, they didn’t have sufficient electronic development resources to develop the consumption sensor on the clients’ meters. Productize has this expertise as well as the necessary experience in guiding startups in the prototype design phase of connected objects. Productize put the required additional development capacity at Shayp’s disposal at the start of the project.


The challenge

The complete package of necessary technologies in terms of measuring water consumption and transmitting the gathered data are all technologies Productize has learned to master. The main challenge in this project is presented in choosing a network for data transmission, as meters are mostly kept in basements. An additional challenge was to present a solution with an autonomy of over 10 years.


The solution

Productize has accompanied Shayp in designing their sensor from writing product specifications to choosing components, writing firmware, designing and testing the first work-like prototypes, designing and testing the look-like prototypes, while also offering industrial design competences, some first terrain tests and development of the product as a whole.


Our added value

Productize has been involved from the very start of the project. They took responsibility for developing the first prototypes and advised Shayp where they could. All this enabled Shayp to demonstrate feasibility of their concept and to develop first versions of their solution within a short deadline. All the while limiting the risks that are inherent to the electronic aspects of the project.  

Lessons learned

This project has enabled us to complete our practical experience in terms of LPWAN’s (Low Power Wide Area Network), for instance by integrating Sigfox technology for the transmission of the collected data.


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