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3D Configurators

We've set a benchmark in the conception and construction of 3D configurators, every one built with mature insight and functional finesse. Product-configurators are an immense support for your sales and can significantly reduce your time to market.

Tweak, play and test

In a custom-made, personalised platform your sales, your clients and their clients can tweak, play and test with your entire product range without it costing you an extra dime. By adding 3D visualizations, we make all the variables and options even more tangible and the error margin smaller.

Saving resources

The production of samples and the physical transport of both staff and products becomes practically unnecessary. Now imagine your clients configuring their ideal products on your platform, what happens when we add a direct link to your production units ?


And potentially also lower production costs, higher sales numbers, optimised production flows and a better connection to your clientele, that is what they call Industry 4.0 people. And who wouldn’t want that?

"Bagaar knows exactly how to build modern and useable solutions."

On screen

In order to seamlessly automate your sales process, 3D configurators are built to fit a wide array of screens. If your salesforce is mobile, tablets might be the preferred interface.

Virtual Reality

When 3D configuration meets mixed reality it becomes possible to offer your clients a whole new experience. Let them discover and configure your product in an immersive way.


The power of 3D configurators lies in their potential integration with different other systems like ERP, CRM, and even manufacturing softwares.

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