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Internet of Things solutions

A product has a lot to tell... we can give it a voice. By connecting products and machines we can gather a wealth of data for you to grow your business.

Product Design

A connected object is in the first place a physical thing living in a physical world. This means that our product designers will conceive it’s shape, materials and eventually user experience.

Mechanical Engineering

Before even making the step to the digital world, many facets of the development of connected objects are immediately related to physics. That’s where our engineers come in handy.


Electronics Engineering

We can count on the expertise of our electronic lab. Integrating sensors or developing printed circuit boards? That’s our job!

“In God We Trust. All Others Must Bring Data.”

W. Edwards Deming, Statistician, Professor, Author

Design for manufacturing

Prototyping is one thing, but if production is at the end of the road our designers will take this into account from the early beginning. Clear guidelines will reduce manufacturing costs.

Certifications and IP

Depending on the industry certifications must be obtained in order to go to market with your product. Also Intellectual property plays a crucial role in every innovation project. We can help you with our experience to achieve all technical and legal requirements.

Communication and Cloud

Selecting the right communication channel for your data. Developing the corresponding communication module. Determining the most adapted cloud infrastructure. Connecting your devices and enhancing security. Set-up a system that is ready to scale.

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