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User Experience

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We bridge the gap between people and products with our expertise in User Experience and User Interface design. Whether it’s visualizing big data sets, distilling insightful statistics, monitoring processes or operating machinery, the design of your interface will determine your experience and outcome.

Making the complex easy to use

When it comes to human-machine interaction the key is to filter out the noise and only highlight what’s relevant. We make the complex simple and easy to use.

Designing experience

Usage and user adaptability are a major success factor for new digital products. If it’s genius but nobody knows how it works, good luck selling it !

Foolproof and failproof

Human-machine interaction and cyber-physical systems are becoming the new normal. A strong focus on usability for any type or size of dashboard or platform is essential to stay relevant. So we make your interfaces foolproof and failproof.

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good"


Whether you're using industrial sensors measuring fluidic data or cameras looking at crop-growth. We'll figure out exactly what you're device is doing and figure out how users interact with it.


Having devices and systems communicate correctly is one step. Having devices and systems communicate with each other is an entirely different thing. Our UX designers have thorough experience in figuring out user paths & empathy maps.


Some data might be easy to visualise. Following up usage over time in a simple chart, tracking certain trends or generating scatterplots. At Bagaar we visualise higher order information and unveil previously invisible patterns.

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