We created a digital ledger that reads like a bestselling novel, loved by lawyers, legal counsels and fund managers alike. One ledger for all.


A digital ledger that anyone can navigate and looks like a consumer app? Sounds like UX music to our designers’ ears.

Welcome to a new era of automated cargo administration

BIM e-Solutions

User-friendly ECTN platform for better cargo tracking

a provisionary render of one side of the black custo smart delivery box

Custo is so much more than a smart delivery box. It is your personal assistant handling everything that comes through your front door.


Custo takes the smart delivery box to a higher level

Roofers used to spend over an hour making a quote. With All4Roof they generate a quote in 15 min.


Driving the digitalisation of the construction industry

Making streets safer starts with objective traffic data. Discover our home traffic monitoring device for TML, a neat feat of citizen science.


Traffic monitoring for safer streets

We partnered with Ahlers to improve safety in logistics, together we developed an integrated and connected solution that replaces – well – Kalashnikovs.


IoT trackers to replace AK-47s

Redesigning Belgium’s most complete legal documents library.

Strada lex

Navigating 2.5 million documents made easy

A dream challenge, making a lean mean fast Cowboy machine fully connected.


A fully connected bike ready for the urban jungle

Find out how we helped a classic caterer flip their business model to smart fridges providing a wealth of insights.

Smart Fridge

Enabling catering-as-a-service with smart fridges

We helped OASE build a digital learning platform. Clients get access to thousands of bite sized videos or add their own to customize the experience.


A digital learning platform

A smart little IoT device that tailors your energy bill, June reduces the price you pay for energy by automatically changing energy suppliers.


Reducing your bills while you sleep

With the new Remeha platform installers can design a new heating system in minutes.


A digital system configurator

If you ever need a hair transplant, you’ll want this connected device. It’s safe and precise.


Digital meets hardware with surgical precision

We collaborated with Barco to design their latest application Barco Synergi, working closely to develop an excellent user experience.

Barco Synergi

A tool for better meetings

Much more than a 3D textile configurator, we created a place of collaboration for sales, clients and their clients.

Bekaert Deslee

Building an innovation roadmap

Discover how our UX solutions made life easier for installers, manufacturers, floor managers and operators. In short, everyone.

Reynaers Aluminium

The dashboard reinvented