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Boplan: Collaborative product-configuration and sales supportive visualisation

Boplan is a manufacturer of safety products. They design, develop and manufacture sustainable and highly effective fall and collision protection for the most demanding environments.

The client

Boplan is a manufacturer of safety products. They design, develop and manufacture sustainable and highly effective fall and collision protection for the most demanding environments. The goal of their products is the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. They use very innovative plastics that surpass the performance of traditional materials. The modular safety systems of Boplan protect industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, drilling platforms and petrochemical sites worldwide.

The match

In this fast changing world all sectors have to make the switch to digital sooner or later. Digital technology can be put to use to build new products, offer new services, rethink business models or optimize existing ones. In Bagaar Boplan found a trusted yet innovative partner to help them explore the added value of digital, tailored to their specific needs and challenges and one step at a time.


The challenge

The Boplan product range is very elaborate, there are a lot of interdependencies and rules to take into account and not all product combinations add up to a desirable safety set-up. As a consequence providing tailored, error-free advice to the end customers can be a challenge. The sales representatives of Boplan were still working with traditional pen and paper which often made their output a source of mistakes. All representatives are on the move daily, servicing end users with their expertise on a global scale. To keep all these representatives informed, synced and up to date in a standardised way also proved quite challenging. Boplan wanted to explore solutions that could better inform and support representatives in their sales process. They wanted to reduce the margin of error in product configurations while lifting the quality of service for the end customers at the same time.


The solution

For Boplan we made a web based 3D configurator that allows internal and external sales, clients and management to work together on the same plans and offers. It opened the door for worry-free collaboration and the visualisation of the solutions boosted sales. The interface works very intuitive and can be used in 2 and 3D, on desktop and Ipad, so that it matches the need of every type of project or customer. The app is easily downloadable in the app store so that even the most remote representatives can have a frictionless installation-experience. Because of the focus on UX, no matter their level of digital maturity, the representatives can have a smooth experience installing and using the new tools.


Our added value

In this project there was a strong focus on user experience because in a sales process digital has to be 100% in order to be adapted by users. The interface is built around efficiency, collaboration and communication. On the back-end side nr.1 priority was a clean database of products, with easy adaptable variables and the possibility of upscaling in terms of data-gathering, statistics and interpretation.

Lessons learned

We learned that digital can be an excellent partner for companies who have wide product-ranges that are offered in myriad combinations, to help reduce the errors made in the order process. It is also a very good match with companies who have a big part of their staff on the road, working remote. How else can you keep control over quality and gather enough business intelligence ?


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