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MaxiCosi: Exploring the value connected for juvenile goods

The client was looking to explore the untapped potential digital could have on various aspects of their company and product range.

The challenge

The client was looking to explore the untapped potential digital could have on various aspects of their company and product range. They needed a very versatile partner who wouldn’t want to sell them something of the shelf, but guide them from ideation through prototyping and development without losing sight of the added value the end result should have.


The solution

An acceleration sensor was placed in the child car seat so that heavy impacts could be measured. All acceleration above a certain limit was identified as permanently damaging the product and making it non-functional. This information was connected to the unique serial nr of the carseat, which made it possible to easily determine whether a product was still safe for use or not. This opened up a lot of possibilities for the client, for example in moving from a product to a service model, tightening the relationship with their clients in a leasing system. From a sustainability point of vue it also made it possible to sell the product on the 2nd hand market. Before there was no guarantee that a product you bought 2nd hand was still functioning properly.


Our added value

The project started with a very broad innovation exploration, to come to a short list of possible tech-interventions that could increase profit, efficiency, safety or customer satisfaction or decrease the eco-footprint. Our team guided all the ideation workshops and helped find the most feasible ones with the biggest possible ROI. Once a selection was made we were responsible for building the prototype, integrating it into their product and thoroughly test it. There was a big hardware chunk to be worked out, both the connectivity and the lifetime of the battery were a challenge as always in an IoT product, but we did get it to a workable prototype, ready for industrial production.


Lessons learned

We really enjoyed how a lot of aspects of the company came together in and were influenced by a small sensor that wasn’t bigger than a 2 euro piece. Business model, customer engagement, footprint, … A nice example of how a small tech-addition can really be of great added value.


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